I recently moved to this appartment, appartmemnt 2207, its one of the smallest appartments in the complex, i live in the newer section of the complex.

The appartment has two rooms, my bedroom and the living room taht also doubles as a kitchen, plus one bathroom

The appartment complex is in the middle of nowhere near a little rulal village and since I dont have a car i can only travel to the village the wensday morning and come back at the evening

As I said the appartment is in the middle of nowhere and we are surrounded by forest and nature, this wich is a very big positive when the sun is up but is really bad when night falls

After a week of moving in, a lot of werid things started happening...

scratching on the floor outside the door, haunting howls and growls from the near by woods, vagely human shapes looking at you from outside the complex.

And then there was the milk man...

Everything here screams haunted house but i can not move elswhere. i inhereted the appartment from my late aunt and do to a policy in the complex i almost have no expenses in light or water. Also i dont have much mony due to my low paying job so this is the best i can afford

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