The milk man I

It was thursday morning, around

8:00 am
and the sound of my intercom ringing woke me up. i got up from my bed and traverse the small apartment untill i arrived to the intercom,

the security camera of the intercom was broken since i moved in.

i pick up the phone and anwered:

Hello this is [REDACTED] who is this?

A really heavy deep and wet breath as it was salivating profusely, then it spoke.


the thing at the other end of the intercom sounded like 10 people talking at the same time while their voice cords are beign twisted and ripped. it just uttered incoherent sounds but some how i undesrtand perfectly what it said

No thank you Im actually Lactose intorelant so i can't drink dairy

Whhataaseyououryournei shameianyofmyproductscghbatashametrullywourswantwillcomenextweekin

i hear how it is going awaw from the intercom and i sprint towards the window of the ivingroom, that has a pretty good view of the entrance, and i see near the woods a tall aln lanky human figure with a blue hat and coat.

I was horrified what was that thing and how in the hell heck i coud understand it.

I think I need to talk with the neigbours about this thing. Still shaking with fear i got outside my apartment and went to talk with my neigbour of the 2207 apartment, he was and old man around his 60's and from what i knew when i met him, has been living here all his life

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